Our workshops also specializes in the restoration of old crafts, which is made in the respect of the tradition. Furthermore, we buy old cedar canoes and sell them restored.

The cedar strip/canvas canoe is, all things being relative, rather easy to restore. In most of the cases, it is necessary to replace the old painted canvas. But this canvas, contrary to the fibreglass covered canoes, is not welded to the hull. It is easy to remove giving a quick access to the defective wooden parts to be replaced.

We replicate in the same wooden essence and we replace the rotten, broken or worn out parts, trying to respect the colour and patina that the time and use gave to the wood.  Here are some examples of  work and repairs we execute:

  • Replacement of ribs and planking.
  • Inwale, stem and rib top splices
  • Outside gunwales
  • New decks
  • New canvas with marine grade lacquer
  • Stem replacement
  • Nes seats
  • Recaning seats (commercial weaved or hand braided cane)